77GHz digital radar target simulator (2GHz bandwidth) has completed millimeter range accuracy verification

Column:Company News Time:2023-02-08

Since the first customized simulator was delivered in 2017, our company has been vigorously developing and improving products, and constantly improving the quality and performance of radar 

target simulator. By means of optimization algorithm, software and parallel processing techniques, the range accuracy of radar target simulator is improved from 6cm to 1mm, achieving the real 

range step and range accuracy of millimeter level.

In October 2022, the 77G digital radar target simulator (2GHz bandwidth) completed millimeter-level range stepping and accuracy verification at the Beijing Zhenxing Institute of Metrology and 

Testing. The experimental results show that the range step and accuracy of the radar target simulator are less than 1mm in the range of 0m-300m. The following figure shows the measured results. 

The abscissa is the distance of the simulated target, and the ordinate is the distance simulation error. It can be seen that the distance error is within ±0.5mm.