Beijing Leichi radar Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2016.The company focuses on the radar target simulator(RTS) equipment research and development, production and sales, in automotive electronics, rail transportation, military areas.

In the field of automotive electronics, our products include 24 GHz and 77 GHz RTS, which can help radar manufacturers, Tier1, car factories to develop and test radar. We can provide simulation of hundreds of independent targets. In the field of rail transit, our products are echo simulators of 24GHz high speed 

railway and Metro speed measure radar, which can locate and guide the maintenance of speed measure radar. In the military field, we can customize the target, clutter and jamming simulators of various military radars.  

The company has a technical service team with the technical backbone of the Institute of Radar and Countermeasure Technology of Beijing University of Technology as the core. It has always maintained the first-class domestic level in radar system, radar signal processing theory and technology, adopted the advanced international management concept for enterprise production management, and has a complete technical service support system.

Beijing Leichi radar Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to develop and lead the military and civilian radar testing equipment industry. It will continue to innovate in the fields of automobiles, trains and military radar testing equipments to meet the needs of scientific, technological and social development.